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Colocation Services in the US Give International Companies an Edge

Los Angeles is an absolute mecca for commerce, trade, and technology. Many firms overseas want a piece of what Los Angeles has to offer in terms of high economic stability and web traffic, but cost is the caveat. By colocating through Global IT, the access is possible without a costly investment.

Advantage of Managed Colocation Services

  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Local technical staff, network engineers
  • Fast access to multiple network providers
  • BGP failover routing
  • Support on-site every day of the year, every hour of each day
  • Telco rack space
  • Virtual servers for managed data backup and storage
  • Small or large Static IP blocks
  • Safe and secure long or short term environment options
  • Month-Month options

Industries that Benefit From Colocation in Los Angeles

  • International Retailers & Wholesalers. As stated, Los Angeles is a beacon of commerce and trade. Retailers and wholesalers would be wise to take advantage of the market in Southern California, but overhead is unimaginably high in this area. Managed colocation services offer fast access and quicker performance to your end users along with a local presence in this important international hub without the commitment of high costs and expenses.

  • International Software Developers & Gaming Companies. Equal to its prowess in commerce is Los Angeles's command of the technology world. Programmers and developers see the opportunity for networking and innovation in Los Angeles but similarly do not want to set up shop there for fear of fall-through. Instead, managed colocation services provide an opportunity to ensure exposure, fast server response times, fast network throughput and the ability to network in this bustling market at a minimized risk.

  • International ISPs and Telecom Companies. Many service providers and telecommunications organizations are seeking colocation and virtual servers in Los Angeles due to its amazing network performance and quantity of international network operators. Los Angeles is one of the centers of the world for network operators and Internet network performance. Los Angeles colocation is able to offer International network operators access to USA ISP and VoIP services without incurring the expensive costs of having a physical presence in USA. Partnering with the best local Colocation providers can strengthen product quality and service offerings. Global IT Colocation services have been designed around Telecommunications operators and our engineers are seasoned Telco experts. Global IT technicians can be your extended arm and support your network assets 24/7/365.

Your Solution to Higher Profits

It is often too expensive for international companies to set up an office with a full staff to support it in the US. By using a managed data center facility, they have the opportunity to establish a local presence with local support, and avoid unnecessary overhead. Increased local presence results in sales growth. Sales growth combined with lower expenses and guaranteed technology performance results in higher profits.

A Relationship You Can Depend On

Global IT establishes personal long term relationships with their clients, giving them support they can depend on. Choosing a carrier for your data center needs often doesn’t give you the support you desire. Other carriers may cancel their clients’ services or increase their rates in the event of a larger consumer being added or expanded. When the emphasis on customer support is lost, all value is lost as well. Global IT has never increased its rates to its existing customers, including power. Trust Global IT and know the collaborative endeavor of managed colocation services provider is a mutual and truly beneficial relationship and Global IT is looking at the long term value.

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