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Top Ten Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us

1. INTEGRITY - Global IT prides itself on the integrity of our company with an honest and ethical team. Our team is equipped to make the right choice when faced with challenging decisions. We make sure Global IT is reputable and consistently transparent with every obligation, in order for our clients to feel safe knowing the work we do is trustworthy and of high-quality.

2. RESULTS - Global IT has developed a proven track record for delivering results and successfully managing information technology for businesses. They have aligned themselves with leading vendors and professional staff who are trained, certified, licensed and support all areas of technology from Telecom and Data Centers, Software and Hardware, on-site and remote technical support.

3. EXPERIENCE - Having a seasoned technical staff team can dramatically improve and streamline operations. However it can also costs businesses thousands, if not millions of dollars each year. Global IT's full time staff can be your technical team and support your IT needs. Global IT staff are seasoned technicians, engineers and all are fully committed, going the extra distance while getting the job done.

4. SAVE TIME & MONEY - By dealing with one vendor as a primary technical resource, Global IT can help manage all technical areas and vendors on your behalf by maintaining a log and ticketing system to track and report all activities. This helps avoid oversight and keeps loose ends from unraveling. Global IT saves our clients’ money with our buying power and leveraging new technologies and vendors that can replace antiquated technologies costing thousands of dollars to maintain. Our leveraged knowledge, new technologies and vendor saves companies more than a billion dollars in unnecessary IT cost.

5. INNOVATION - Global IT works with your business to foster innovative thinking and new technologies. With a creative work environment, our company uses individualized unique solutions to keep your company at the topmost quality.

6. CLIENT ADVOCATE - How many times have you been in a situation where a vendor has dropped the ball, and order was incorrectly placed or a support ticket was never follow up on? It is Global IT's job to micro-manage projects and over the past decade, have become very good at it. Global IT has obtained valuable knowledge of working with many technology vendors and will represent you as your technical support team. Global IT is on your side and can talk the technology talk, and walk the tech walk.

7. CONFIDENCE - Global IT has worked in some of the most intense technical situations and with a vast amount of large and medium customers, all while delivering a quality customer experience. This client retention and client satisfaction has allowed Global IT the reputation of being a reliable and trusted vendor.

8. STABILITY & SUPPORT - Global IT is family owned and California, incorporated in 2004. Global IT is profitable and has demonstrated consistent growth each and every year; even through a recession. We are here to stay and ready to help you. Think of Global IT as an extension of your staff and team. Global IT's experienced staff supports their customers 24/7/365. Every Global IT customer receives a dedicated account technician or account manager to stay connected with all their customers. This ensures that they deliver a consistent level of service and prompt resolutions.

9. VALUE - Global IT has never increased rates; in fact Global IT has consistently brought down rates on renewals 10% each renewal. Putting client's needs comes first and as their buy rates decrease due to continuous growth points, Global IT is able to provide more cost savings to all their clients.

10.VENDOR OPTIONS AGAINST COMPETITORS - Global IT is a vendor neutral supplier of technology and can provide multiple bids from different suppliers as needed. They support thousands of small, medium and large businesses with diverse technology services which help us maintain relationships with leading technology suppliers.

ten reasons why Global IT

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