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Never Busy Fax Service:

Sending and receiving faxes couldn't be easier with our new EFAX ~ Fax to Email service.

Choose your own Fax Number or port an old number so you dont have to change it.
You have the ability to select which Area Code you want to have and pick out your own Fax number. When someone faxes over a document to you, the number you choose works just like any other fax number. The fax is then converted to a PDF file and then it is sent to your email address as a .pdf attachement.

Give multiple people their own fax number.

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Reliable Fax to email From $12.50 /mth

Just email your account manager any changes, additions or requests and the update will be made within 24hrs. (Web portal coming soon)

Month to month is $15.95. Monthly rate is per number and includes up to 300 pages per number per month. Page limits apply to each email fax number. 10 cents per page thereafter. Plus set up fee. Add $15.95/mo plus 6.9 cents per minute for a toll free fax email number. All services are subject to applicable taxes and regulatory fees.

Contact us now or call 1 (877) 822-5565 to discuss your needs with a representative.

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Contact us now or call 1 (877) 822-5565 to discuss your needs with a representative.


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