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What is Online Marketing?
Online Marketing is the method of getting your website showing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) by using multiple techniques to build a reputable online presence for your specific industry.

Keyword Analysis
Prior to doing any Online Marketing, it is most important to conduct an extensive keyword analysis. Researching appropriate keywords in your industry will give us an idea the amount of online competition you are up against, approximately how long it will take to get you to surpass your competition and allow us to estimate the budget necessary to get you there. Picking keywords to target is very strategic and when done the right way, it generates very successful results.

Competitive Analysis
After conducting a keyword analysis we have a general idea of the extent of your competition, but it is important to do more research so that we can build your online marketing campaign to exceed your competition. We take a good look at who you are competing with, what keywords and marketing methods they are using to find areas of opportunity for your site to shine through.

On-Page Optimization
Once we've done a complete analysis of your targeted keywords and have pinpointed your direct path to success, we move on to the next phase of your online marketing campaign which is to get your site ready for the search engines to index and show in their SERPs (search engine results pages). On-page optimization consists of content creation and editing the title tags, headers and description of your website using the carefully selected keyword phrases. It also consists of adding social media functions such as links to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. There are many other actions that can go into your on-page optimization, which is why each client is analyzed on a case-by-case basis because what works for one industry might be a waste of time and money for another industry.

Off-Page Optimization
Off-page optimization is all the work done outside of your website to build an online presence. It consists of building backlinks, email marketing, advertising, adding your company profile to directories, creating a company blog, creating profiles on social media websites, etc. There are many SEO companies that use black hat techniques to increase your online presence and eventually websites using these techniques get banned from the SERPs. GLOBALl IT prides itself with using ethical yet effective proprietary techniques for establishing your online presence.

Paid Advertising
SEM or search engine marketing refers to non-organic methods of showing up in a search, which means you are paying money to have your website displayed. Global IT manages pay-per-click campaigns through Google, Yahoo and Bing. We work with you one-on-one to set your budget and your goals. The algorithms for search engines are always changing, so we consistently analyze the progress of your keywords and make changes accordingly to assure your ranking. We also manage your advertising needs with directories such as,, and many other local and/or industry specific directories.

Tracking and Reporting
With our monthly packages we offer multiple tracking methods from clicks and unique visitors to phone call logs and more. The ability to track actual calls generated from print and online advertising is very important and can be used for future budget planning and to better understand the trends of your industry. Having the ability to analyze what areas of the campaign are exceeding our expectations and what areas are under performing gives us the insight to make adjustments so that you are always achieving maximum results.

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Online Marketing, Local Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing Services
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