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Virtual Server

  • Are you looking for more control and performance for your business technology needs?
  • Do you need experienced assistance with configuring and managing a Data Center environment for you?
  • Are you looking for a more hands on approach on network engineering, hardware management, technical support and assistance or development?

GLOBAL IT purchases and replaces new hardware every year to support our growing customer base and uses only trusted (Dell, IBM, Cisco) and tested industry leading hardware and software (VMware vSphere, Citrix) for our virtual servers.

But it's not just about virtualization, you have to be able to aggregate and load balance the traffic. As well as engineer, allocated resources approximately or you run into the case of outages and downtime.

GLOBAL IT started as a infrastructure company supplying Data Center and Internet services to ISP's and Telco company’s. So virtualization is inherent in our design to consolidate, reduce and control the ever increasing power costs. Global IT Data Centers are ideally located for uptime; speed and internet lag response to customers as well as end users. Through experience Global IT brings a greater understanding of technology operations, technology infrastructure knowledge and competitive pricing to better support your growing business needs.

  • Virtual servers and be fully pre-configured and ready within minutes
  • RAM - 256MB - 32GB RAM Options
  • Processors - 1 - 2 Processors
  • Cores - 4 - 8 Core Options
  • HDD - 10GB - 1TB Options
  • RAID - 1 - 10 Options
  • IP Addresses - 1 - 256 Static IP options
  • OS - Linux, Windows
  • Bandwidth - 1Mbps - 100Gbps Bandwidth options
  • Load balancer options

Global IT consulting services can help you plan and prepare which virtual server may be best suited towards your business and targeted audience. Software choice is important when looking for growth and optimized performance for you and your end user.

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