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VPN, MPLS - Secure WAN networking

  • Are you looking to network information between business locations?
  • Would you like to extension dial multiple locations?
  • Would you like to secure your business communications between locations?

The internet is an open source of information; threats are evident and should not be ignored. Secure VPN or MPLS offers businesses the ability to network one or more locations and staff together in a secure, technology network allowing the ability to share vital resources reducing risk and exposure.

  • Data is separated from the public internet
  • Routing preference on the network edge
  • Prioritization of traffic, Class of Service
  • Combine Internet Access with VPN and MPLS
  • Separate branch Internet Access to route outside WAN and Inside application to route inside WAN reduces bandwidth consumption
  • Hardware and Firewall options
  • Bandwidth scalability from 1.5Mbps to 100Mbps or more
VPN, MPLS cloud

With end-to-end network management, industry leading Service Level Agreements and excellent customer service, DIA is a sensible choice for business customers that need reliable, high-performance Internet access at a reasonable price.

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