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Enhancing Customer Experience

The hospitality industry is increasingly relying on technology to provide rapid results for customers. Hotels, restaurants and retail companies must provide a consistent positive experience for customers across all operations from online, call centers, security and in house.

Hospitality Experts

Global IT has connected a range of businesses through facilitating communications, networking and security. Improve your efficiency in responding to customer needs by using reliable IT solutions that enhance the hospitality experience.

Hospitality Benefits
  • High quality 24/7 service with technical support, phone services and high speed internet available for customers nonstop around the clock.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs with technology planning, vendor management, upgraded hardware and computer security.
  • Attract, retain and connect with customers by using a range of IT services tailored for the hospitality industry.
global it fiber internet

Do your customers complain about your internet speed? Or do you have guests who have trouble connecting to your wifi?

Global IT offers high speed Dedicated Fiber Internet options servicing fast and reliable broadband access allowing multiple customers to connect at once without compromising speed.

We provide Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) providing businesses and ISPs with non-shared access to the Internet over a variety of interface types and speeds. DIA Service is designed for businesses and ISPs that want to simplify their communications while maintaining the highest levels of performance.

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access
global it managed data center

Global IT Data Centers are engineered for uptime, speed and internet lag responsive to the end user. Through experience our experts, bring advanced understanding of technology operations, infrastructure knowledge, vendor management and budgeting, in order to better support your computer systems.

More about our Data Centers
global eye watching systemscomputer security

In order to protect your customers from the dangerous of the internet invest in quality computer security protection. Protect your customers, staff and business information by securing your network with a multi-dimensional, managed computer security service.

Global IT computer security services provide maximum protection, faster response and speed. Utilizing industry leading hardware and software technologies, our experienced security team are able to notify you of threats or viruses, before they enter your systems.

  • The Global Eye
  • Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Firewall
  • Policies
  • Copmliance
managed it, tech services

Do you need reliable IT infrastructure that operates around the clock and increases efficiency, uptime and allows businesses to grow?

Trust reliable technicians who provide 24/7 managed IT service, with record support times. Certified experts providing support for all digital systems, by reducing time, money and resources, required to maintain IT services and infrastructure.

  • Managed IT services
  • Need help with your bandwidth problems or telecomm costs? Need help planning your technology direction?

    Global IT Telecom services brings businesses all carrier options from one vendor. This benefits multi-location customers with the ability to consolidate vendors and apply improved savings by working with an aggregator of vendors.

    global it telecom services

    Bundle your lines, trunks, Internet, local and long distance into one low monthly bill to receive discounts and one point of contact for all your telecom needs.

    • Lines or T1's/PRI, VoIP, DID's
    • Loads of features
    • Online portals for changes
    • Toll Free calling
    • Unlimited local calling
    • Long distance calling
    • Dedicated T1 1.5Mbps up to 1Gbps Fiber
    • Managed equipment provided
    wireless access points, wifi

    Well-engineered wireless infrastructure, with uptime and speed, is a must in today’s fast paced demanding environment.

    Whether you are from tourism, hospitality, warehousing, high end residential or a local coffee shop, Global IT engineers know the right solution to meet your wireless needs.

    Our wireless and network design teams provide consulting and installation, throughout the wireless process.

    • Bandwidth management
    • Cloud controllers
    • Fully managed wireless solutions
    • Hospitality and high end residential
    • Outdoor access points
    • Power over Ethernet - POE
    • VPN alternative net options
    • Wireless security, separate LANs

    Download our Hospitality Case Studies:

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    Hotel customer sitting using a computer accessing the internet from hotel wireless connection

    We needed a soup to nuts IT solution for the our 566-room property in Los Angeles. After interviewing a number of firms we chose Global IT. They handled the needs of our group and catering business as well as taking control of our WIFI, telecommunication, and administrative needs for our large and very busy property in Los Angeles.
                         They are 100% reliable. This is critical in the 24/7 hotel business, when systems can fail at any time and materially affect our customer satisfaction and bottom-line.
    I recommend Global IT 100%!  

    - Phil Baxter, General Manager. SBE Group

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    hosted exchange

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